MeMo – Advancing Research in Laser Scanning, 3D and Future Technologies

The Research Institute of Measuring and Modeling for the Built Environment (MeMo) was founded in 2007 at the former Department of Surveying at Helsinki University of Technology (present-day Aalto University) in partnership with the former Finnish Geodetic Institute (present-day Finnish Geospatial Research Institute). The consortium was originally founded for strengthening co-operation between the research activities in Civil Engineering and Surveying. 

Today, MeMo conducts RDI activities and contributes to academic discussion within the following topics:

Laser scanning

Photogrammetry and photographic laboratory

3D maps, virtual worlds and smart cities

Autonomous technologies

Next generation forest management

Built environment

Mobile mapping of challenging environments

3D studio

Design and product development

Knowledge management and RDI in the society

MeMo consists of young, ambitious and skillful scientists. In the field of civil engineering and surveying, they belong to the most productive scientists in Europe (more than 100 refereed papers have been written in the related topics during the 2000s). The group is well linked to international activities having more than 50 international partners in their past and current important trusteeships in ISPRS and EuroSDR.