Research in photogrammetry and remote sensing deals with basic concepts of analyzing dynamic phenomena of our physical environment through space borne, aerial, and terrestrial sensing systems, active or passive electromagnetic imaging systems. Our research focus is in radiometric and geometric calibration of imaging systems, exact registration of multi temporal data, applications of multisensory imaging to dynamic environmental modeling, and geographic visualization of local and global physical phenomena.


Image: http://www.isprs.org/proceedings/xxxviii/3-w22/pdf/ls2011_submission_53.pdf

Current research projects consist of topics such as Roadside Modeling, Flood Monitoring and Modeling, 3DWiki, 4D Spaces, Modeling of Cultural Heritage, Characteristics of Laser Scanning, Future of Housing and Living, Science and Technology Towards Precision Forestry, Knowledge Management, Mobile Mapping, and Integration of Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning.