Our research covers the full complementary technology chain of Laser Scanning: hardware electronics, system integration, positioning technologies, information extraction and data processing, applications and visualization, even in the 3D game engine of smartphones.

laser_scanningMobile Mapping of challenging environments

The world-leading researchers in the field of mobile laser scanning work in the Centre of Excellence. FGI-developed AKHKA is a mobile laser scanning system designed to be operable by one person as a backpack MLS solution. This whole new approach for mobile laser scanning was innovated and built to meet the challenges of mobility in marshlands and rugged terrains, and it is suitable also for narrow city passages and indoors. The backpack platform is ideal to provide the required mobility and yet maintain the high performance 3D surveying capacity.

virtual_worlds3D maps and virtual worlds and smart cities

City modeling has already advanced to 3D environments and, to a lesser extent, indoor spaces. By combining precise laser scanning, virtual worlds and gamification, we are leading the way in areas such as the 3D modelling of urban environments. Today’s highly evolved technologies and sensor networks, enable the construction of more extensive learning and planning environments for built environment purposes. Our aim is to advance the development of new service concepts for smart cities based on 3D-mapping.

header2Next generation forest management

The precise information provided by laser scanning applications is needed in forest inventory, where the new knowledge is used in optimizing the use of forest resources and planning of forest management. Both forest owners and companies in the field are expected to benefit from the advances in laser scanning. We seek to strongly contribute to this development and to provide next generation 3D- and 4D- (with time as a fourth dimension) knowledge on forest and built environment.

Expertise-lead growth through cooperation

In addition to establishing a Centre of Excellence for research, our aim is to continue the successful collaboration with companies and further develop our relationship with industry. We seek to actively promote knowledge transfer to the society and to see our expertise in laser technology become a valued asset in the business world. The Centre of Excellence collaborates with tens of Finnish and international companies, three strategic clusters (FIBIC, RYM, CLEEN), numerous domestic and foreign research and public sector organizations as well as with towns and cities.